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Dear former members of 6912th!

My name is Edith Raim and I am an historian in Landsberg, Germany. I put together an exhibition on the American military presence in the 1950s in Landsberg/Penzing.

The exhibition will be on show at Landsberg from Oct. 9, 2015 onwards. It is called "Don't take your guns to town. Johnny Cash and the Americans in Landsberg". Some of you already helped with letters, information, objects, photographs, videos of their memories - most heartfelt thanks to all who contributed!!!

Due to the fact that so much more information is around and needs to be gathered: please keep in touch and also let others know of my project.

I am particularly interested in the airforce units stationed at Penzing/Landsberg from the late 1940s to the late 1950s. Any memorabilia (badges, photographs, letters, memoirs...) are welcome. The first results will be published in a small catalogue (sorry, it's in German!), but I will continue collecting and hope to publish another book/booklet with more information.

Thanks for any help.
Edith Raim


This website is dedicated to all those who served in the USAFSS. It commemorates primarily those who served in Hof, Landsberg, Bingen and Landshut with a little history from San Vito and Sembach Air Base. Take your time and browse around. There are hundreds of photos, historical documents, etc. for you to enjoy. Please take time to go to the general information area and sign our guest book. Come back often, as we are constantly adding new pictures and articles to this site!

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